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Tax Transparency 

Corporate taxation has quickly become a reputational issue for Canadian companies. As businesses expand globally, their tax policies are becoming increasingly scrutinized by the government, media, and other stakeholders. This increased level of scrutiny has called for a greater level of tax transparency.

Tax Management Consulting

What is Tax Transparency

Corporate Taxation is now aligned with a higher degree of complexity and risk due to the increase of public scrutiny and demand for transparency into the tax policies of corporations.


KPMG's Tax Transparency team can find ways to help your tax departments meet the transparency demands of the public.

How we can help

KPMG's Tax Transparency team will work with your tax departments to help develop better internal visibility over tax policy, governance and tax contributions.


We advise our clients on the latest and leading practices in managing and delivering tax obligations. This involves assessing and enhancing your current operating model to ensure it is efficient and effective.


Our approaches are informed by our strong global network of Tax Transparency Consultants with an aim to ensure clear, relevant and lasting results.


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Iain MacIntosh

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