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2016 Canadian Federal Budget 

How will the 2016 budget affect you and your business?


The Tax professionals at KPMG are ready to provide you with timely insights on Federal Budget news.

Our senior tax professionals can provide perspective and insight to help you navigate the complex themes expected in the Federal Budget. 

Tom Nicolopoulos

Tom Nicolopoulos, Partner, National Leader, Global Mobility Services

Will changes to the proposed stock option plan impact you and your business? Contact me to discuss.


Dino Infanti

Dino Infanti, Partner, National Leader, KPMG Enterprise Tax

How will tax changes affect small businesses? Contact me to discuss.


Jodi Kelleher

Jodi Kelleher, Partner, National Leader, International Corporate Tax

How will Canada's potential adoption of the OECD's BEPS recommendations impact your operations? Contact me to discuss.


David Francescucci

David Francescucci, Partner, National Leader, Transfer Pricing

Will potential changes to Transfer Pricing and Country-by-Country reporting affect how your multinational operates? Contact me to discuss.


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Elio Luongo

Elio Luongo

Canadian Managing Partner, Tax


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