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Global Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations 

Helping you take a global view of M&A

As more companies look beyond their own borders for merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities, it's important to consider associated tax implications.


While international transactions require traditional tax compliance and tax due diligence, decision makers should also consider any tax issues and opportunities in the context of larger strategic goals.

Global Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations

To create real and long-lasting value, clients involved in M&A activities should move quickly to take advantage of market opportunities. However, you should also carefully consider all of the associated tax implications-from measuring tax liabilities in the initial due diligence phase through the structuring of the deal, to compliance in the post-merger period.


And throughout this process, you should look beyond compliance and develop a tax-efficient international business strategy that meets your broader business goals.


Where we add value


Mergers & Acquisitions Services can help add value well beyond traditional tax compliance and due diligence by focusing on opportunities that arise within, and because of, an acquisition.


We understand the tax implications and tight deadlines of these transactions and through our global network we can bring both local and international tax knowledge to our clients.


As well, we provide tax services to institutional clients (both public and private sector funds) that invest in outbound fund structures. It is important to understand tax leakages when investing in various countries/structures. We have extensive experience with objectives of sovereign and pension funds.


Our Global M&A Tax professionals work with you to address all aspects of a deal:


Corporate Strategy - Taking tax into consideration at the strategic planning stage can help you realize significant opportunities. Increasingly, tax can also release additional value by monetizing tax attributes or enhancing after-tax returns.


Pre-Deal Evaluation - A high-level analysis of a target's tax position, potential tax exposures inherent in the target's business, and potential opportunities for tax-efficient acquisition structuring can be essential at the pre-deal evaluation stage.


Modelling - Tax attributes can impact cash flows for the deal. We can assist with preparing and/or reviewing financial cash flow models.


Tax Structuring - Structuring can be fundamental to most deals. You should enhance tax benefits while reducing the risk of challenges on tax structures by tax authorities.


Transaction Evaluation (Due Diligence) - During a transaction you may need end-to-end support in the bid process, from determining strategy and identifying risk areas, to coordinating due diligence efforts, including integrating and debriefing with the client-based operational due diligence team.


Negotiation and Completion - Tax work doesn't stop when the deal is signed. Even after the business deal closes, the ongoing involvement of tax advisers can be key to getting the most from the transaction.


Integration - The post-acquisition period should be planned as thoroughly as the acquisition. It is important to look beyond the closing to anticipate the impact of the proposed tax structure on reported results, the company's future cash tax position, and future acquisition and divestiture planning.


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