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That’ll Never Work national launch celebration 

By KPMG Enterprise
Tues, April 17, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

KPMG Enterprise celebrated the official national launch of ‘That’ll Never Work’ on March 27 in Vaughan and March 28 in Mississauga.  Published by Portfolio Penguin, the book titled That’ll Never Work has met with critical acclaim and been recognized as Canada’s best selling non-fiction book by the CBC, National Post and the Globe & Mail. 


Canadian Managing Partner Dennis Fortnum and Frank Boutzis, Partner-in-Charge for KPMG Enterprise in the GTA, were joined by several entrepreneurs featured in the book to share their experiences and business stories. Guest entrepreneurs include Steve Gupta, President & CEO of Easton’s Group of Hotels, Paul Walker, President & CEO of Artaflex, Gayle Robin, President & CEO of StrategicAmpersand Inc., Ted Manziaris and Louis Anagnostakos, co-founders of Turtle Island Recycling, and Kevin Wong, COO of Nulogy Corporation.

"We believe it’s important to share such business stories," explained Dennis Fortnum, Canadian Managing Partner for KPMG Enterprise, "so that business owners and entrepreneurs can learn from these experiences and apply these lessons to the future success of their own enterprises."

Dennis went on to say, “I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and if you want to tell your story in the second edition of the book, visit us online at to submit your story for consideration."

For more live coverage from the official national launch of That’ll Never Work, visit the website.  


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