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inBusiness – Summer 2014 edition 

By KPMG Enterprise
June 25, 2014 @ 3:00 p.m.

This edition offers a sneak preview of our upcoming book That’ll Never Work 2. In 2012, KPMG Enterprise validated the experience of any entrepreneur who's ever been told, "That'll never work." Volume 1 of the book of the same title was a runaway success in the Canadian business community, telling the success stories and enterprise lessons of dozens of companies that succeeded through innovation - often defying conventional wisdom.


This year's call for submissions for Volume 2 has already yielded some gems: here are the stories of three leaders who offer wisdom, inspiration and knowledge based on their experiences. Though their industries are widely varied - ranging from a luxury skin-care line to high-tech video streaming to agricultural water treatment - the learnings they offer are universal. 


Contributors: Marion Witz, Mirko Wicha, and Ross Thurston.


Three-generation success

In family business Elizabeth Grant International, colleagues and relations don't take each other for granted. Learn from Co-founder and President Marion Witz why these luxe skin-care products have been rocking TV shopping channels since 1998, and how they adjust to market differences.


Life after retirement

After a bruising in the dot-com crash of 2001, Mirko Wicha temporarily retired. Find out what excited the Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of Haivision Network Video enough about live-streaming video technology to start a new enterprise that has gone from zero to $50-million in annual revenue.


Water, water everywhere

Many analysts and experts predict water will prove be the most precious future resource. Innovators like Ross Thurston are literally creating water from nothing: extracting clean water and fertilizer from the previously undervalued commodity of manure. Find out how Livestock Water Recyling is building a clean, sustainable future.


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