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inBusiness – Spring 2014 

By Dennis Fortnum, KPMG Enterprise
February 28, 2014 @ 2:00 p.m.

The increase in globalization has left the playing field wide open for Canadian businesses of any size, and many business leaders of private companies are doing just that. I think you’ll agree, after reading this issue of inBusiness, that Canadian businesses need to be on the world stage sharing our products, services, ingenuity, great ideas and good business sense.

Featured stories


Going Global
How CSL Silicones CEO Faisal Huda sealed deals in more than 20 countries.  Plus five other companies that are thriving abroad – and how you can, too.
What a trip
Charlie Scott of Trufflepig turned a passion for adventure into an international business that creates lavish vacations for wealthy clients.
Playing at full strength
How Sher-Wood Hockey moved production of its iconic sticks to Asia, without alienating its roster of NHL superstars.
Hiring how-to
Employee turnover can cost your company big.  Here’s how to make sure your best people stick around – without spending a fortune.

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