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Think "That'll Never Work"? Think Again. 

By KPMG Enterprise

Tues, March 6, 2012 @ 8:00 AM


This press release was posted on Canadian News Wire on Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Every entrepreneur with a great business idea has been told "that'll never work." Some have heard it multiple times, but a new book THAT'LL NEVER WORK: Business Lessons from Successful Canadian Entrepreneurs compiled by KPMG Enterprise™ turns that negative phrase into a rallying cry.


Published by Portfolio Penguin in March 2012, THAT'LL NEVER WORK profiles some of Canada's top business people. Their stories of success earned, competition burned and lessons learned will inspire a new generation of those who want to "go for it" despite the doubters around them.


Canadian entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share their story for the next edition. Entrepreneurs and business owners with an interesting THAT’LL NEVER WORK story to share, can do so at and their story will be considered for the next edition of the book. Follow us on Twitter at @ThatllNeverWork for the latest news and updates.


KPMG Enterprise™ professionals are devoted exclusively to helping Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs build value in their business and grow thriving enterprises.


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