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That'll Never Work tops Non-Fiction Chart in Canada 

By KPMG Enterprise

Mon, March 19, 2012 @ 3:00 PM

That’ll Never Work is the number one best seller in Canada for Non-Fiction, as published by BookNet Canada and featured on CBC. It also stands in the number 3 position for top overall behind the Hunger Games paperback and boxed set week ending March 11, 2012. 

Published by Portfolio Penguin, THAT'LL NEVER WORK invites entrepreneurs and business owners to unearth those unsung stories of perseverance and adversity - where the business owner was told “NO”, that something was not possible, or even - “That’ll never work” - only to prove the naysayers wrong through hard work, leadership, innovation, drive and perseverance.  The book profiles some of Canada's top business people. Their stories of success earned, competition burned and lessons learned will inspire a new generation of those who want to "go for it" despite the doubters around them.


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