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Municipal Service Delivery Reviews 

If you're a municipal government official in Canada today, you're likely dealing with financial pressures stemming from economic conditions, funding shortfalls, and the need to address infrastructure reinvestment.  For many local governments, a Municipal Service Delivery Review (MSDR) can help show the way forward.
Municipal Service Delivery Reviews

MSDR is a systematic approach to examining the various programs and services offered by local government, with a view towards controlling expenditures, reducing municipal taxes and enhancing revenue.

Using our proven MSDR approach, KPMG Enterprise advisers can help staff and elected officials identify and assess potential opportunities PDF 360Kb] through analysis, facilitation and insight into leading practices.

Our team will:

  • Perform a current state analysis -- Summarize existing services based on type, rationale for delivery, delivery model, service level, annual expenditure and sources of funding
  • Develop a service level baseline -- Analyze services, service levels, delivery model, expenditures and funding for comparable municipalities.
  • Identify potential opportunities, including:
    • Eliminate a service or transfer it to another government or community agency
    • Reduce service levels to align with capacity to finance
    • Expand revenue opportunities, which may include making some services self-sustaining
    • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by improving processes, tools, equipment
    • Use alternative service delivery approaches

Your team will:

  • Receive an independent, unbiased and analytically robust report on opportunities for cost saving and revenue enhancement.
  • Be empowered with reliable information to make decisions on changes to the municipality's services


Why KPMG Enterprise?

KPMG plays a leading role as auditors and advisors to Canadian local governments. Our MSDR methodology has helped Canadian municipalities build action plans for fiscal sustainability.

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