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Extracting Value from Cash Flow 

Cash is king —  key to the survival and growth of any business. Sound cash management practices will help improve visibility of and control over your cash flow —  allowing you to release cash to improve return on investments,  reduce debt, fund growth and investment, maximize working capital or provide a better return to owners.

Extracting Value from Cash Flow

What's involved in improving cash management? It starts with good housekeeping – employing cost-efficiency strategies that allow your employees to take advantage of every opportunity to increase cash flow throughout your business. But longer term, cash management needs become a core part of the business's culture – aligned with other strategic drivers such as profit, revenue, and market share.


KPMG Enterprise advisers can help extract value from your company's cash flow [PDF 360Kb]. Our analytical tools, coupled with a detailed knowledge of "what works" in cash management, can help you find cash within your operations - and also help you sustain cash flow improvements through behavioural change and training.


Our team will:

  • Gather data on your company's cash performance and management practices.
  • Analyze the data to identify issues and areas for improvement
  • Recommend a prioritized action plan to address the issues identified
  • Align incentives with your cash management goals.
  • Assist your team in implementing the plan


Your team will:

  • Experience rapid and sustainable improvement in cash performance
  • See improved liquidity, increased return on capital and improved balance sheet structure and financial ratios.
  • Be able to reallocate cash from operations to reduce debt or fund growth
  • Enhance relationships with lenders and investors


Why KPMG Enterprise?

  • Our advisers bring a deep and practical understanding of cash management strategies - what works and what doesn't.
  • We offer the tools and skills to help your team quickly pinpoint the cash management issues in your organization, and hw to address them
  • Our focus goes beyond identifying immediate cost savings - we aim to help you achieve sustainable improvements and build effective cash management into your company's culture


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To learn more about how KPMG Enterprise can help you extract business value from cash flow, contact a KPMG Enterprise professional today.

Extracting Value from Cash Flow

Learn more about how KPMG Enterprise Advisers can work with your team to identify cash in your operations - and build a cash culture throughout your business.

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