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Business Strategy: Your Growth Map 

Every journey starts with a map, including the journey to build a great business. The right map - a clear, insightful business strategy – can set your private company on course for rapid, profitable expansion.

Business Strategy: Your Growth Map

Strategies may involve entering new markets, relocation, capital injection, acquisitions, building a broader product or service offering, or acquiring new talent. To build a sound business plan, you need to analyze the opportunities in your business environment, the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and team, the needs of your customers, your value proposition, and the financial and physical resources available to you.

Armed with this analysis, you can identify critical strategic initiatives [PDF 360Kb] and clarify the future direction of your business for growth and profitability.

All this seems like a daunting task - but it can become much simpler, and less costly, with the help of a KPMG Enterprise business strategy adviser.

Using the KPMG Enterprise StrategicFocus™ Growth Map methodology, our advisers will lead your team through a process of strategic thinking - resulting in an action plan to drive your private company's growth and profitability.

Our team will:

  • Assemble a dossier of background information on your company, your competition and your industry.
  • Conduct and document interviews with your team members, customers, leaders and others important to the future of your business.
  • Lead and facilitate an offsite retreat with your leadership team.
  • Distil the retreat proceedings into a strategic roadmap for the profitable growth of your business.


Your team will:

  • Be empowered with tools to gather and analyze background information on risks and opportunities for your company
  • Experience a smooth and professional business strategy session, led by experienced facilitators
  • Come to consensus insightful and practical strategic recommendations that can be put into action quickly
  • Complete your strategy development process in less time, and with less cost, than you probably thought possible


Why KPMG Enterprise?

  • Our advisers bring a deep and practical understanding of private company business strategies - what works and what doesn't.
  • Our focus is on helping you complete the job of strategy building - quickly and efficiently, while reducing demands on your team's time
  • We offer the tools and skills to help your team quickly understand the core issues that really matter to your business and crystallize their thinking on how to address them.
  • Our approach is designed specifically for private companies. It empowers you to build an insightful and relevant strategy at a price you can afford


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Business Strategy - Your Growth Map


Find out how the KPMG Enterprise Strategic Focus™ Growth Map can help your team build consensus on the essentials of your business strategy, and how to execute it.