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How have Canadian Private Companies Fared?

Leaders of today’s private companies look to the global horizon for opportunities—even with the challenges presented by the current economy. Many believe the current business climate further highlights the importance for them as entrepreneurs or founders to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with a global growth strategy.

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Competitive Alternatives

Competitive Alternatives

Analyze and compare costs to doing business in Canada and around the world.


Global Rewards Within Reach [PDF 3.4MB]


Global Rewards Within Reach


Comparing four leading markets in the Americas region, this report examines factors affecting decisions about how and where to expand abroad.


Taking on the World


Taking on the World


As the rules of the game are changing, how are Canadian private companies responding to the challenges and opportunities posed by globalization? Based on a survey of Canadian private company executives, Taking on the World explores their current experiences and future plans for expansion.



Tackling tax risks when going global

Tackling tax risks when going global


If you're planning to expand your operations internationally, it's important to consider the tax laws [PDF 897Kb] of relevant foreign jurisdictions as well as the tax exposures you may face. Learn more about sustainable tax planning opportunities you can consider implementing to enhance your global expansion strategy while helping to reduce tax risk [PDF 786Kb].

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National Webcast: Global Rewards Within Reach


Global Rewards Within Reach


Special guest Peter Hall, Vice President and Chief Economist at Export Development Canada spoke to current export data and business opportunities related to global expansion. Listen now.


National Webcast: Is your business model ready for the 21st century global trade?
National WebcastThis webcast provides an overview on how expanding to foreign markets can offer growth opportunities or, for some, significant cost savings. With the right knowledge and planning you can enhance your sourcing or expansion strategy while helping to reduce risk. KPMG Enterprise professionals discuss the tax risks of going global as well as the transfer pricing component of globalization. Listen now and read the related publication [PDF 459Kb] on Tackling tax risks when going global. 


Celebrating Woman's Entrepreneurship

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, Barb Stegemann, CEO of the 7 Virtues Beauty Inc., shares her philosophy around the 7 Virtues and her accomplishment working with farmers in war-torn Afghanistan to grow orange blossoms. Watch now [WMA 26.1Mb].


How we can help


If you're doing business abroad or thinking about expanding your business internationally, KPMG Enterprise gives you ready access to all KPMG's resources across Canada and our other KPMG member firms around the world. We can provide you with specific tax and regulatory advice for each US state, or for any other country you might be expanding to.


Join the Global Enterprise InstituteJoin the Global Enterprise Institute


The Global Enterprise Institute was established to provide an open forum where business leaders can share knowledge, gain insight and access in-depth analysis about doing business abroad. 

Join discussions about key business issues and emerging trends to successfully compete in global markets.  Registration is free.

Register today.


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