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Value of Audit in Canada 

Future and Value of Audit Videos


KPMG’s Global and Canadian Audit Leaders met and responded to questions about the future and value of audit, which were captured on video. Larry Bradley and John Gordon share their thoughts on what’s changing in the audit profession and what it means for clients.


economia Value of Audit Roundtable Series


The pressing issues facing the audit model and profession are explored in the Value of Audit: shaping the future of corporate reporting [PDF 400Kb], a series of candid, personal interviews with KPMG audit leaders from around the world. We are now taking our opinions forward through a global series of roundtable discussions with investors, regulators, and audit committee members.

KPMG in Canada hosted a Toronto roundtable on October 2, 2014. In attendance were representatives from key audit stakeholder groups that focus on issues relevant to audit in Canada. John Gordon, Canadian Managing Partner, Audit hosted the roundtable and welcomed Richard Cree, economia to moderate it.


Following the roundtable, a discussion overview and transcript have been made available by economia.


Continue to follow the discussion @economiamag or @KPMG #valueofaudit and stay with KPMG in Canada as we continue to post content and videos on this important conversation.


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Audit has proved its worth over the years, to investors and companies alike. But as the events of the last decade have shown, it’s time for change – for a revolution in audit thinking and execution. Business has changed, shareholder needs have evolved, and audit needs to keep up. That’s why we created this project.


When we started thinking about the future of audit, we wanted to find out where we are now: whether lead partners from KPMG member firms in different regions thought there was value in audit today, and if so, what this value is. But more importantly, we wanted their ideas on audit’s current weaknesses and on how we, as a profession, can address these to make the audit more relevant to 21st century business.


 Value of Audit in Canada 

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John A. Gordon

John A. Gordon

Canadian Managing Partner, Risk Management


“Financial statements are like looking in the rear view mirror of a car. It can be interesting to learn about a place you’re never going to see again. But it’s not so relevant to where you are going.”


John’s candid interview.

Audit Point of View

Audit Point of View


Shaping the future of audit in Canada