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Getting Good at Governance 

To achieve success in today's business environment, a strong board of directors is a vital component. KPMG's goal is to promote boardroom excellence by helping organizations mitigate key risks, enhance corporate governance and strengthen public accountability.

As part of this mandate, KPMG often works closely with the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) to bring you a range of informative articles and reports.


"By working with the ICD, we're contributing to a critical body of knowledge designed to help corporate boards strengthen their processes and abilities," says Robert Brouwer, Managing Partner, Clients and Markets at KPMG. "Together, we're exploring strategies professional directors can use to become more effective in their roles."


The ICD is also pleased with the opportunity to add to its highly-regarded array of professional development and thought leadership materials.


"We're always looking to provide our members with current and relevant resources to help them make meaningful and influential contributions in the boardroom," says Stan Magidson, President and CEO of ICD.


Read articles written by KPMG Professionals as published in the Director Journal; the official publication of the Institute of Corporate Directors:



Getting Good at Governance

Audit Point of View

To help you further strengthen corporate governance, enhance audit committee oversight and add greater value within your organization, KPMG's featured stories are designed to provide you with the information you need to be successful and remain competitive in the marketplace.

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Robert D. Brouwer

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