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Audit & Financial Reporting 

Today’s financial and capital markets are more volatile than ever before. Whether your business is public or private, in the public sector, or a not-for-profit organization, reliable and credible financial information is crucial to meeting the needs of your internal and external stakeholders.

Audit & Financial Reporting

Consider your company’s audit and financial reporting situation:


  • Do your stakeholders and the capital markets have confidence that your financial information is relevant, reliable,  and timely?
  • Are you receiving the added value you expect from your audit?
  • Are you looking for an independent perspective from your auditors?
  • Do you need access to high quality audit resources, both in Canada and abroad?

At KPMG, our global KPMG Audit Methodology provides you with an independent audit focused on risks that may have material impact on your financial statements. Having a global audit approach, processes, and documentation allows us to work collaboratively with other KPMG member firms to address your needs—no matter where in the world you operate.


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Accounting Advisory Services

We can help with complex financial reporting regulations, optimize relevant reporting processes and incorporate new requirements.

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