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Accounting Advisory Services 

Significant accounting issues can arise from major transactions and changes in your organization’s structure – whether planned or unplanned.


KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) professionals can assist with complex financial reporting, systems and accounting challenges, and accounting support for due diligence and tax assignments.

Accounting Advisory

From accounting systems to business to people – are you prepared to face all issues of conversion?

How will changing accounting standards affect your financial reporting?

Undertaking a merger, or buying or selling a business, division or major asset are all transactions that come with a degree of complexity, all requiring careful management.


Start by surrounding yourself with experienced advisers—people who have done it before and know what to look for.

Going public represents a significant milestone in the development of a company. It can be the biggest decision you’ll ever make.

Why go public?

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The CFO and the Audit Committee

Watch Todd Buchanan, National Leader of the AAS practice, as he leads a panel discussion on the unique relationship between the CFO and the audit committee.

Todd M. Buchanan

Todd M. Buchanan

Partner, National Leader of Accounting Advisory Services



We can help you make sense of today's increasingly complex business risks and reflect these in your financial statements.

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