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Uniglobe (Canada) Inc. 

Please be advised that on May 22, 2013 KPMG Inc. was appointed receiver and manager (the “Receiver”) of Uniglobe (Canada) Inc. o/a S&Q Plastics pursuant to an order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.


The Receiver's motion with respect to the sale of the Uniglobe assets to DSL Industrial Limited and approval of the Receiver's actions and professional fees to the end of June 2013 received Court approval on July 16, 2013. A pdf copy of the order of the Court is below.


The Receiver has filed its second report with the Court (the "Second Report"). The Second Report principally deals with the sale of the fixed assets and inventory of Uniglobe (Canada) Inc. The Receiver's motion to approve the Second Report and sale of the assets is to be heard by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List) on Tuesday July 16, 2013. The Receiver's motion record (including the Second Report) is included below under the "Court Materials" section.

 Court Materials

Receiver Order.pdfReceiver Order958 KB5/22/2013
UniglobeReceiverNotice.pdfUniglobe Receiver Notice120 KB5/22/2013
Uniglobe-Motion-Record-July-16-2013.pdfUniglobe Motion Record July 16, 20132586 KB7/9/2013
Uniglobe-Order-July-16-2013.pdfUniglobe - Order (July 16, 2013)58 KB7/16/2013
ReceiverFirstReport.pdfReceiver's First Report259 KB5/15/2013
ReceiverFourthReport.pdfReceiver's Fourth Report2076 KB2/10/2014
ReceiverThirdreport.pdfReceiver's Third Report440 KB10/10/2013
Uniglobeadjournment.pdfUniglobe Adjournment66 KB2/24/2014
UniglobeOct2 413order.pdfUniglobe Order39 KB10/24/2013


BankruptcyOrderUniglobeMay62014.pdfBankruptcy Order Uniglobe May 6 201473 KB5/6/2014

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