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2907160 Canada Inc. (formerly known as PROSEP INC.) 

On October 28, 2013, the Superior Court (Commercial Division) (“Court”) GRANTED 2907160 Canada Inc. (formerly known as ProSep Inc.) (the “Petitioner”)’s Motion for the Issuance of an Initial Order and for the Approval of a Sale of Assets and Vesting Order (“Motion”) pursuant to the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, R.S.C. 1985, C-36 (as amended the “CCAA”) and ORDERED that KPMG Inc. is appointed to monitor the business and financial affairs of the Petitioner as an officer of this Court (“Monitor”).

 Court Materials and Orders

Initial-Order.pdfInitial Order575 KB
Approval-and-Vesting-Order.pdfApproval and Vesting Order258 KB
Claims-and-Meeting-Procedure-Order.pdfClaims and Meeting Procedure Order4241 KB
Minutes-Of-The-Court-Hearing.pdfMinutes of the Court Hearing (in French)70 KB
Sanction-Order.pdfSanction Order1477 KB



Prosep-Service-List.pdfService List83 KB
6-Schedule-G-Notice-Of-Creditors-Meeting.pdfNotice of Creditors Meeting89 KB
7-Schedule-F-Resolution.pdfResolution49 KB
8-PlanofArrangement.pdfPlan of Compromise58 KB
1-Noticeofnamechange.pdfNotice of Name Change42 KB
2-Schedule-B-Notice-Of-Claims-Bar-Date.pdfNotice of Claims Bar Date69 KB
List-Of-Creditors-Prosepinc.pdfList of Creditors740 KB
Notice-To-Creditors-Prosepinc.pdfNotice to Creditors28 KB
Minutes-Of-The-First-Meeting-Of-Creditors.pdfMinutes of the first meeting of creditors (in French)551 KB



4-Schedule-D-Instructions-To-Creditors.pdfInstructions to Creditors72 KB
3-Schedule-C-Proof-Of-Claim-Form.pdfProof of Claim Form90 KB
9-Schedule-I-Proxy.pdfProxy, Instructions, and Election Notice for Affected Creditors100 KB



5-ProSepMonitorThirdReport.pdfThird Report of the Monitor5275 KB

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