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Princess Centre Realty 

Please take notice that on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 KPMG Inc. was appointed Receiver (the “Receiver”) over the assets and undertakings of Princess Centre Realty (the “Princess Centre”) pursuant to an Order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the “Order”). A copy of the Order is attached below.


Endorsement-Of-Justice-Grace-Dated-December-10-2013.pdfEndorsement Of Justice Grace Dated December 10 201363 KB
Receivership-Order-Of-Justice-Grace-Dated-December-10-2013.pdfReceivership Order Of Justice Grace Dated December 10 2013195 KB
Approval-and-Vesting-Order-dated-April-28-2015.pdfApproval and Vesting Order dated April 28 2015382 KB
Discharge-Order-dated-April-28-2015.pdfDischarge Order dated April 28 2015189 KB
Motion-Record-returnable-April-28-2015.pdfMotion Record returnable April 28 20154731 KB