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Atlas Block Co. Limited  

On October 4, 2013 KPMG Inc. was appointed as receiver and manager of Atlas Block Co. Limited, Atlas Block (Brockville) Ltd and 1035162 Ontario Inc. by order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  A copy of the order is attached below under the section on Court materials.


On December 6, 2013 both Atlas Block Co. Limited and Atlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. filed assignments in bankruptcy and KPMG Inc. was appointed as Trustee of both companies.  The meeting of creditors is scheduled for Monday, December 23, 2013 at 10:00 am in the Huron Room of the Monte Carlo Inn, Barrie, 81 Hart Drive.  Copies of the statements of affairs, notices of the first meeting of creditors, proof of claim forms, proxies and certificates of appointment are included down below in pdf form under the bankruptcy section.

Wage Earner Proctection Program
Employees who intend to make a claim under the Wage Earner Protection Program "(WEPP") MUST file a proof of claim with KPMG Inc. before the WEPP claim will be processed by the Government.  KPMG Inc. has completed our part of the application process and has mailed to you the information you require to complete your part of the process.  We have included in the Bankruptcy Documents section below a pdf of the WEPP notice for Atlas Block and Atlas Brockville employees for you to download.  You may also download the proof of claim form from this website, complete it and send it to KPMG Inc. immediately to speed up your application process. 


Sale of Assets


The Receiver completed the sale of substantially all of the Atlas assets to Brampton Brick Limited on January 6, 2014. The sale was completed pursuant to an approval and vesting order issued by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List) on December 20, 2013 (a pdf copy of which is below) and included all equipment, inventory and real estate with the exception of the Victoria Harbour land and buildings and the accounts receivable. The Receiver is continuing to pursue the collection of the remaining receivables and will be listing the Victoria Harbour property for sale with a real estate agent as soon as possible.

 Receivership Documents

Receivership-Order-Atlas-Block-October-4-2013-107371.PDFReceivership Order – Atlas Block Co. Limited – October 4, 20131438 KB10/4/2013
Atas-Block-Co-Limited-Form-87-Notice-and-Statement-of-the-Receiver.pdfReceiver's Notice789 KB10/28/2013
receiver-second-court-report.pdfReceiver Second Court Report5127 KB12/12/2013
december-20-2013-order.pdfDecember 20, 2013 Order2070 KB12/20/2013
Feb-10-2014-Order.pdfApproval, Vesting and Distribution Order1729 KB2/10/2014

 Bankruptcy Documents

Atlas-Block-(Brockville)-Ltd.-Proxy-form.pdfAtlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. - Proxy form18 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-certificate-of-appointment.pdfAtlas Block Co. Limited - Certificate of Appointment109 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-Co-Limited-Proof-Of-Claim.pdfAtlas Block Co. Limited - Proof Of Claim18 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-Co-Limited-Proxy.pdfAtlas Block Co. Limited - Proxy7 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-Co-signed-statement-of-affairs.pdfAtlas Block Co. Limited - signed Statement of Affairs610 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Brockville-certificate-of-appointment.pdfAtlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. - Certificate of Appointment109 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Brockville-Proof-of-Claim.pdfAtlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. - Proof of Claim35 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Brockville-signed-statement-of-affairs.pdfAtlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. - signed Statement of Affairs285 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-(Brockville)-Ltd.-Form-67-Notice-of-Bankruptcy-and-First-Meeting-of-Creditors.pdfAtlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. - Form 67 Notice of Bankruptcy and First Meeting of Creditors32 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-Co.-Limited-Form-67-Notice-of-Bankruptcy-and-First-Meeting-of-Creditors.pdfAtlas Block Co. Limited - Form 67 Notice of Bankruptcy and First Meeting of Creditors31 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-Brockville-WEPPA-Notice.pdfAtlas Block (Brockville) Ltd.- WEPPA Notice15 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-WEPPA-Notice.pdfAtlas Block Co. Limited - WEPPA Notice15 KB12/6/2013
Atlas-Block-Brockville-Trustees-Prelim-Report.pdfAtlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. – Trustee’s Prelim Report15 KB12/23/2013
Atlas-Block-Trustees-Prelim-Report.pdfAtlas Block Co. Limited – Trustee’s Prelim Report15 KB12/23/2013

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