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Atlas Block Co. Limited  

On October 4, 2013 KPMG Inc. was appointed as receiver and manager of Atlas Block Co. Limited, Atlas Block (Brockville) Ltd and 1035162 Ontario Inc. by order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. A copy of the order is attached below under the section on Court materials. The Receiver is now discharged. Copies of all of the Receiver's reports and related orders are included in the section below on Court materials.


On December 6, 2013 both Atlas Block Co. Limited and Atlas Block (Brockville) Ltd. filed assignments in bankruptcy and KPMG Inc. was appointed as Trustee of both companies. The Trustee is now discharged from both estates. Copies of the Trustee discharge orders are included below in the bankruptcy section.

 Receivership Documents

Receivership-Order-Atlas-Block-October-4-2013-107371.PDFReceivership Order – Atlas Block Co. Limited – October 4, 20131438 KB10/4/2013
Amended-Motion-Record-rtn-December-19-2013.pdfAmended Motion Record - December 19, 2013 (Receiver's First Court Report)1495 KB11/26/2015
Motion-Record-rtn-December-20-2013-newest-version.pdfMotion Record - December 20, 2013 (Receiver's Second Court Report)10143 KB11/26/2015
Order-of-Justice-D-Brown-December-20-2013.pdfOrder of Justice D. Brown - December 20, 20132951 KB11/26/2015
Motion-Record-rtn-February-10-2014.pdfMotion Record - February 10, 2014 (Receiver's Third Court Report)5209 KB11/26/2015
Order-of-the-Honourable-Justice-D-Brown-Feb-10-2014.pdfOrder of Justice D. Brown - February 10, 20141729 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-Receivers-4th-report.pdfReceiver's Fourth Court Report283 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-Motion-Record-returnable-May-5-2014.pdfMotion Record - May 5, 2014 (Receiver's Fifth Court Report)3246 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-RBC-distibution-order.pdfOrder of Justice H.J. Wilton-Siegel - May 5, 2014167 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-Motion-Record-returnable-July-4-2014.pdfMotion Record - July 4, 2014 (Receiver's Sixth Court Report)2400 KB11/26/2015
Distribution-Order-of-Justice-McEwen-July-4-2014.pdfOrder of Justice T. McEwen - July 4, 2014498 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-Motion-Record-rtn-October-21-2014.pdfMotion Record - October 21, 2014 (Receiver's Seventh Court Report)2753 KB11/26/2015
Order-Newbould-J-October-21-2014-Approval-Vesting-and-Distribution.pdfOrder of Justice J. Newbould - October 21, 20141967 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-Motion-Record-Nov-12-15.pdfMotion Record - November 12, 2015 (Receiver's Eighth Court Report)7085 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-Receiver-Discharge-Order-of-Justice-Mesbur-2015-11-23.pdfDischarge Order of Justice Mesbur - November 23, 2015161 KB11/26/2015

 Bankruptcy Documents

Atlas-Brockville-August-13-2014.pdfAtlas (Brockville) discharge order - August 13, 2014120 KB11/26/2015
Atlas-Block-Co-Ltd-B-December-9-2014.pdfAtlas Block Co. Ltd. discharge order - December 9, 201430 KB11/26/2015

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