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Applying deep experience, an objective approach and well-established forensic technology and data analysis tools, our Investigations team helps organizations identify relevant facts in suspected cases of fraud, misconduct or other violations of laws, regulations or company policies.


The goal is not only to discover critical evidence, but also to improve corporate governance and mitigate the risk of legal ramifications and reputational damage by demonstrating appropriate responsiveness to legal and regulatory authorities, as well as to shareholders and other stakeholders.

Specifically, we undertake thorough, detailed inquiries and analyses to help establish and assess the facts for:


  • Legal counsel
  • Internal audit functions
  • Special committees of the board of directors
  • Any other executives responsible for administrative, disciplinary, regulatory compliance or criminal inquiries


We can also assist with management reporting and liaise with law enforcement as necessary.


Please contact Mary Jane Andrews, Peter Armstrong, Colleen Basden, Stephan Drolet, Myriam Duguay, Vic Duret, James McAuley, Paul RossDerek Rostant, or Kas Rehman for further information.

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eDiscovery Services

The last decade has seen organizations invest significant resources in new technologies that have often led to massive information creation and storage. The growth of information received, created, and stored in organizations will continue to accelerate at rates not seen before. This, combined with the demands of electronic discovery, creates significant challenges, risks, and costs for organizations. To find out more on how we can help, click here.