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Insurance Claim Services 

We draw upon years of experience to help clients with insurance claim analysis, preparation, and review. We assist both insurers and the insured in dealing with the difficult and sensitive task of ensuring that insurance claims are assessed effectively, efficiently, and in a timely manner. We have experience in all types of insured events and can assist with such claims as:
  • Business Interruption – These claims involve assessing events and quantifying profits that will never actually occur, which requires an understanding of the many facets of the business and the ability to develop and evaluate past and expected performance-all in accordance with the insurance policy provisions.

  • Crime Insurance – Preparation and review of claims made under crime insurance policies and fidelity bonds require specific experience and knowledge of appropriate investigative techniques. Our staff can help ensure that the required investigation is properly conducted and that these claims are accurately and appropriately prepared.

  • Liability Claims – With product liability, errors and omissions, and other liability claims, financial losses usually form a major portion of the claim. KPMG's knowledge of accepted methodologies allows us to review for and develop realistic and appropriate approaches to the calculation of lost profits and other financial costs.

  • Personal Injury – The rules governing the calculation of claims made by injured persons vary by jurisdiction. Our experienced practitioners across Canada can help ensure that the assessment of any loss of personal income follows the rules and precedents of the appropriate jurisdiction.


Please contact James McAuley, Paul Ross or Kas Rehman for further information.

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