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Data Analytics 

Data analytics is the process of taking disparate sets of financial and operational data that organizations routinely collect and extracting additional value from it; for example, data comparisons, summaries, and aggregations can detect potential anomalies, patterns, and trends that are traditionally indicative of fraud or other misconduct. Analyses can also be performed to assist with assessing financial exposure in class action and other litigation, or to suggest indicators of deviation from regulatory or contractual requirements.

KPMG Forensic's proactive Data Analysis Services and Methodologies differ from simple fraud detection "tools" and the services usually offered. We provide an integrated service that combines KPMG's sophisticated proprietary technology capabilities with our fraud risk management, forensic technology, forensic accounting, and investigative experience.


Using sophisticated and advanced tools, we assist companies and their legal and other advisers with detailed review and analyses of often voluminous and detailed data existing in disputes and litigation. Our services are used to allow clients to gain valuable and insightful information critical to strategy and decisions that could not easily be obtained from the existing systems. 


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Dominic Jaar

Dominic Jaar

Partner and National Practice Leader, Information Management Services (Documents and Records Management, Business and Data Analytics, eDiscovery & Forensic Technology)


eDiscovery Services

The last decade has seen organizations invest significant resources in new technologies that have often led to massive information creation and storage. The growth of information received, created, and stored in organizations will continue to accelerate at rates not seen before. This, combined with the demands of electronic discovery, creates significant challenges, risks, and costs for organizations. To find out more on how we can help, click here.