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Corporate Intelligence 

Our Corporate Intelligence team has the capability to gather information from a wide range of intelligence sources on clients' current and prospective business partners, organizations, and employees to help them reduce risk, fulfill regulatory obligations, enter new markets, solve corporate problems, aid in investigations, and enhance business opportunities.

Corporate Intelligence provides the following range of services:

  • Integrity Due Diligence/Knowing Your Client - Providing information on the background, track record, reputation, and integrity of prospective business partners, organizations, and employees
  • Investigations Support - Gathering intelligence in support of fraud, asset tracing, and other problem-solving investigations
  • Litigation Support - Gathering intelligence for internal and external legal counsel involved in litigation and arbitration.

Our skills are focused on the search, collection, and analysis of information from public, controlled, and confidential sources around the world; we combine years of practical experience with robust quality assurance procedures. Drawing upon local knowledge, our broader network of global sources, and the intelligence resources of member firms that comprise the global KPMG Forensic network, we can provide both high-level intelligence as well as focused, in-depth intelligence and analysis in both established and emerging markets.


Please contact Peter Armstrong for further information.

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