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In every economic environment, there are opportunities to create, enhance, and preserve value. Our Deal Advisory professionals can help buyers, sellers, private equity investors, governments, and lenders in developing and executing on their value strategies.


By their nature, major transactions, such as M&A deals, are higher risk and reward than day-to-day business activity. It is important to remove as much risk as possible by surrounding yourself with experienced advisers—people who have done it before and know what to look for. 

As the corporate world continues to adjust to a post-financial crisis environment, major transactions will continue to play a role in defining the environment and outlook. For example:


  • Larger corporate players and financial sponsors divest of non-core or under-performing assets
  • Committed strategic industry participants aggressively build their businesses with well-timed acquisitions of struggling competitors
  • Financial sponsors and lenders restructure financing arrangements in order to position investments for recovery and growth
  • Governments deploy creative approaches to obtaining critical infrastructure assets through partnering arrangements with the private sector
  • Established private company owners continue to plan through the succession and exit options necessitated by demographic trends
  • Nimble emerging enterprises use lower-cost approaches, such as cross-border joint ventures, to establish important new markets
  • Reporting entities wrestle with the changing standards of disclosure, including the trend toward market value disclosure
  • Boards of directors deal with rising expectations around independence and due diligence.


These are just a few examples of corporate development through major transactions that will aim to continue to drive change and create value in the new economic reality.

How we help

Our team helps our clients succeed with major transactions, and deal with the financial issues surrounding them. We have an integrated team of professionals across Canada who can take as broad or as narrow a role in advising or managing any given transaction initiative as is needed in the circumstances. Our teams include KPMG members with deep industry knowledge, who can help ensure we’ve got a clear picture of industry-specific dynamics and issues. Some examples of our work include:


  • Coordinating and leading financial due diligence on a target company on behalf of private equity investors or an inbound strategic buyer
  • Managing the sale of a large private company on behalf of family shareholders
  • Advising the board of a listed company on the fairness of a merger arrangement
  • Advising government sponsors on partnering for the construction of a major new transportation asset
  • Advising lenders and owners on options for restructuring in an over-levered situation
  • Valuing a portfolio of private company investments for an equity fund
  • Advising on a financing structure and raising debt and equity capital for acquisitions
  • Opening the door to our international network for outbound investors establishing in foreign jurisdictions
  • Assisting with strategic/commercial due diligence for a company considering expanding into new markets
  • Conducting a Model Audit on the financial models underlying a major project financing
  • Integrating tax advice in any major transaction.


Our team works to address client needs and helps “get the deal done,” whatever our role may be.

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Matthew R. Tedford

Matthew R. Tedford

National Practice Leader, Deal Advisory