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Declining tax revenues and increasing service delivery costs are just some of the pressing issues that make this an interesting—and challenging—time for provincial governments.

Craig Fossay

Craig Fossay

Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG Canada


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While the need for infrastructure spending continues to grow, many provinces are dealing with significant deficits. As the focus shifts to deficit recovery, most jurisdictions anticipate that program expenditure will shrink in all areas but health and education. There are also significant pressures on provinces to ensure adequate governance and accountability at Crown Corporations through program reviews, value-for-money audits, and governance reviews.


One of the few areas of expected growth is in the economic stimulus infrastructure investments; however, much of this stimulus funding is still awaiting approvals.


We Tailor Our Approach

For provinces facing these concerns, it can be helpful to work with a team of professionals who can bring provincial government organizations the right services when they need them.


From deficit recovery, to cost optimization and program management, we can assist provinces in a variety of ways so they can continue to deliver high-quality, cost-effective infrastructure and services to their constituents.


Our Edge

Through our multi-disciplinary approach, provincial governments have access to Audit, Tax, and Advisory professionals who can bring ideas, insights, and experience to help them succeed.