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Society is undergoing significant changes, and these are having a profound impact on government entities. One of the biggest challenges facing provincial governments today is fiscal sustainability, in light of mounting deficits and debt.  Also, there are increasing demands for services, driven by an aging population.  Critical infrastructure investments are underway. And, internally, governments are dealing with escalating human resource costs and complex transformation projects.

The need to modernize services within the context of limited resources is greater than ever. So are the opportunities to improve organizational performance in a meaningful way. Innovations in IT, outsourcing, shared services, restructuring, workload rebalancing and innovative funding models can all play a role in achieving sustainable ends.


KPMG has a highly-skilled, cross-functional team of professionals that understand public service challenges and needs. We know the complexities you face every day and dedicate ourselves to working collaboratively and transparently to evolve your people, processes and technologies.

Our Services

Our advisors can help you achieve organizational change in the following areas:


  • Transformation planning
  • Core services reviews
  • Alternative Service Delivery Analysis
  • Change management
  • Cost optimization
  • Workforce optimization
  • Finance function effectiveness
  • IT strategy
  • Outsourcing analysis
  • Service integration
  • Shared services
  • Governance
  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Process re-engineering
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Economic assessment and analysis

Our Experience

KPMG professionals are committed to making a difference in public sector performance. We offer more than 25 years or experience working collaboratively with organizations to develop programs that can achieve the outcomes you are seeking.


Our team members have experience with all major ministries, agencies, boards, commissions and Crown Corporations across the country. We also work with our offices around the globe to leverage previous client experience to explore approaches that can be adapted to meet your fiscal and operational goals.

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Craig Fossay

Craig Fossay

Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG Canada


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