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Municipal Government 

Municipalities continue to face a wide range of fiscal and operational challenges. Aging demographics, rapid population growth, aging infrastructures, outdated finance models, and overburdened transit systems are driving leaders to seek more creative and effective ways to manage spending and improve services.

Rather than simply cutting budgets across the board, the focus is now on “smart spending” on more innovative systems and processes that will drive efficiencies, streamline service delivery and increase revenue streams.


KPMG professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you to assess your needs and determine where and when investments make the most sense. Our advisors can also work with you to explore new opportunities, such as leveraging public/private partnerships, identifying outsourcing and revenue generation opportunities, repurposing IT infrastructures, or reducing interdepartmental duplication.

Our services

Whether your focus is on a single departmental or municipal-wide transformation, our services can be scaled to suit any municipality’s project needs. They include:


  • Core service reviews
  • Asset prioritization
  • Benchmarking
  • Renewal and replacement budgeting
  • Partnership development
  • Finance and reporting
  • Risk assessment and planning
  • IT outsourcing and shared services

Our experience

As a leading practitioner in the municipal sector, our professionals understand the complex challenges municipal governments face today. We have many years of experience working with all levels of government on a diverse range of projects.


You will also have access to robust information and knowledge, including professionals from our nationwide team of leading auditors and advisors and global thought leaders through our centres of excellence network. 

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Kevin M. Travers

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