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In recent years, provincial governments have reduced the funding for post-secondary education at a time when enrolment is increasing at colleges and universities. At the same time, training in trades has grown substantially, resulting in the shifting of funds to support apprenticeship programs.

Andrew Newman

Andrew Newman

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Rising operating costs, combined with reduced government funding, have also made it difficult for post-secondary institutions to keep pace with the needs of their faculties and students. Add to that highly regulated tuition fees, and it’s clear that colleges and universities are under significant pressure.


We Tailor Our Approach

Fortunately, we can draw on our experience working with many colleges and universities across Canada to help your post-secondary institution effectively manage all of these issues. Whether you need assistance with your audit, require information and direction on tax matters, or would like to make your organization operate more effectively and efficiently, our professionals can work together as one team to address your needs.


Our Edge

With their industry experience and multi-disciplinary approach, our Public Sector professionals are able to work with you in areas such as taxation, auditing, readiness planning and implementation, and procurement planning, to help your organization thrive.