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Aboriginal Client Services 

Changing community demographics, increased business activity and governance demands, financial skills and training are key considerations for Aboriginal people today. Building relationships between business, educational, government and healthcare partners has been - and will continue to be - an integral part of achieving successful outcomes.

Aboriginal Services

KPMG's Aboriginal Client Services (ACS) professionals serve the unique needs of Aboriginal organizations and communities across Canada. We share our knowledge to educate and provide communities with the information necessary to make well-informed, independent decisions to help them make their communities succeed.

Our Services

Our Advisory, Audit and Tax services are tailored to meet the needs of a vast number of Aboriginal individuals, businesses, regional and national Councils and organizations. They include:


  • Financial and governance consulting
  • Business planning and due diligence
  • Performance monitoring (business operations, contracts, project delivery)
  • Risk management
  • Health care planning and implementation
  • Audit
  • System evaluation and internal controls
  • Core service and efficiency reviews
  • Human resource management
  • Business model design
  • Revenue impact assessment

Our experience

KPMG's multi-functional team of professionals has a very deep understanding of Aboriginal communities and cultures, backed by years of experience in working with a multitude of industries and agencies. As longestablished practice leaders, we have the resources and reach to facilitate delivery of information, resources and relationships based on your unique cultural, educational and business needs.

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Peter J. Ranson

Peter J. Ranson

Office Managing Partner and Tax Services, and National Leader, Aboriginal Services


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