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Life Actuarial Services 

KPMG’s life actuarial professionals provide life actuarial services to the Insurance and Financial Services Industry.


Our actuaries have extensive experience and combine a broad range of knowledge and client service excellence to help clients address challenges while meeting industry standards and evolving regulatory requirements.


We provide support and assistance with the AXIS actuarial modeling system in the areas of pricing, valuations and modeling. Our extensive knowledge and experience with AXIS allows us to provide complete support for conversions to AXIS.

Direct Life Company Services


Asset & Liability Management

  • Cash Flow Testing / Reinvestment Strategies / Segregated Funds / Stochastic Modeling



  • Appointed Actuary / Appraisals / Embedded Value Calculation / Sources of Earnings / Capital Management / Independent Actuary Reviews / External Peer Reviews / CALM Testing / Financial Projections for inforce and new business / Corporate Modeling / US GAAP / IFRS Conversion


Product Management

  • Product Strategy / Product Development / Profit Management / Pricing / Pricing Audits / Reinsurance Pricing & Capital Management / Market Assessment and Comparisons / Advanced Marketing Concepts


Reinsurance Company Services



  • International, US and Canadian Inforce and new business pricing / Guideline XXX


AXIS Services



  • Conversions to AXIS / Sources of Earnings / Calculations of liabilities / Appraisals / Embedded Value


Enhancement of Company Use

  • Company specific training / Enhanced training / Update training / Audits and Reviews



  • Applications & Implementation / Inforce conversions to the AXIS system using DataLink

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Nazir Valani

Nazir Valani

Partner and Life Actuarial Practice Leader