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Although Canadian banks have set a global standard for stability and best practices, pressure on financial institutions remains high. Efforts to meet rising compliance mandates are straining bank resources. Customers are demanding more compelling banking experiences. Combined, these trends are forcing banks to change their core processes and operating procedures.

Banking & Finance

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KPMG’s multi-disciplinary teams leverage deep industry knowledge to help banking and finance organizations meet these challenges and respond with opportunities. We do this by exploring a range of topics—including cyber security, social media, shared services and the consumer conduct agenda—through the lenses of regulatory transformation, operational improvement and customer centricity.


Risk and regulatory transformation

Respond rapidly to regulators with transparent and real-time data, keep pace with shifting regulations (i.e. Basel III, Dodd-Frank, FATCA, IFRS) and mitigate the host of risks associated with IT, outsourcing, fraud, globalization, capital management, consolidation and convergence.


Operational efficiency and effectiveness

Drive profitability by positioning your organization for domestic and global growth, improving cost management, streamlining your technology systems and transforming your finance function.


Customer and channel optimization

Improve customer retention and the overall customer experience by accelerating product development, optimizing customer channels, enhancing loyalty programs and launching effective digital strategies.

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