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Unprecedented stresses for the financial community have been caused by significant market declines, massive government intervention and instances of major fraud. Investment managers are left wondering where the markets are headed and how to respond to the changes on the horizon.


KPMG & SS&C’s Alternative Investment Regulatory Impact Session


KPMG & SS&C’s Alternative Investment Regulatory Impact Session

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KPMG uses deep industry experience and insight across a multi-disciplinary team to help our clients address their most pressing issues as well as achieve long-range goals. KPMG’s Alternative Investments practice provides Audit, Tax, and Advisory services to Canadian and international investment managers, investment industry service providers, and other industry participants.


Dedicated and Knowledgeable Professionals:


KPMG has considerable experience helping Canadian managers navigate the regulatory, accounting, and tax landscape of your domestic offerings, as well as your US and offshore funds. We also provide services to US and offshore funds that are administered in Canada. Our professional teams have extensive local experience in the US GAAP, IFRS, and US taxations as it relates to investment funds.


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Peter L. Hayes

Peter L. Hayes

Partner, Audit, National Director, Alternative Investments Practice


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