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At KPMG we are passionate about our people. We are committed to building a workplace that recognizes excellence and supports phenomenal careers for all. We are dedicated to being your employer of choice. This means providing the right relationships, challenging and meaningful opportunities, and flexible work options to help you develop to your full potential.


Our commitment to provide a supportive and innovative workplace for our people has been recognized year after year.

Canada's Top 100 Employers

Canada's Top 100 Employers award is a national competition that determines which employers lead their industries in offering exceptional workplaces for their employees. KPMG's total commitment to developing our people and providing opportunities for growth has been recognized for ten consecutive years.

The Top Family Friendly Employer Award

The Top Family Friendly Employer Award recognizes the employers that offer the most progressive and forward-thinking environment that helps employees with young families achieve work-life balance. KPMG offers a variety of programs to help our people balance their young families and their work commitments including: maternal and paternal leave top-up payments, flexible work options, health benefit plans offering family coverage, and assistance with daycare.

Canada's Greenest Employers

Canada's Greenest Employers recognizes employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness in their organizations. Our Community Leader strategy ensures that meeting and exceeding industry sustainability standards is a core consideration in our overall business strategy.

Canada's Best Diversity Employers

Canada's Best Diversity Employers recognizes employers that have exceptional workplace diversity and inclusiveness programs. Through our inclusiveness programs and initiatives, we demonstrate our commitment to creating a workplace where employees in all stages of their life can be successful. We believe — and we know — that embracing diversity increases creativity, innovation and success.

Top 50 Most Engaged Workforces

Top 50 Most Engaged Workforces is an annual award recognizing top employers that demonstrate leadership and innovation for employee engagement. By providing our people with meaningful work experiences, we are able to make a real difference to our clients and see the impact of our work.

Greater Toronto’s Top Employers Award

Greater Toronto’s Top Employers Award recognizes employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work in the Toronto Area.

Canada's Most Attractive Employers

The 2015 rankings of the Canada's Most Attractive Employers are based on a survey of nearly 30,000 Canadian college and university students, and reveal which employers have the most effective employer brands. Students recognized KPMG in many categories including workplace flexibility, high future earnings, competitive base salary, friendly work environment, learning and development, and leadership opportunities.

Canada's Top Employers for Young People

Canada's Top Employers for Young People has recognized KPMG as one of the nation's best workplaces for young people just starting their careers. Through our range of student programs, co-op opportunities, summer internships and more, KPMG offers you countless opportunities to grow your skills and develop to your full potential.

Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates

The Career Directory has recognized KPMG in 2015 as one of Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates.

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