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  • Date: 8/15/2013

The Life of a KPMG Summer Intern Series - Toronto 

My name is Mary Chestak, and I am entering my fifth year at the Ivey Business School at Western University. Upon graduation, I will have completed a dual degree in Business Administration and Political Science.

I am amazed that over half of my internship is already complete. I spent my first rotation in Campus Recruiting at KPMG’s Downtown Toronto office, where I had a chance to see the firm from an entirely different perspective. It certainly helped me to develop a greater understanding of the lengths KPMG goes to when attracting and retaining top talent.


My typical day in Campus Recruiting would start around 8:30 am. The workdays consisted primarily of coordinating and organizing the logistics of the upcoming recruiting events. The team was lean, but my coworkers at all levels were open to discussing new ideas and initiatives. I was fortunate to have been provided with so much responsibility, and to have had such an unprecedented amount of senior exposure.


Throughout my rotation, on behalf of the recruiting team, I also served as a liaison between the firm and the other interns. This allowed me not only to learn more about the firm’s recruiting strategies, but it also allowed me to get to know the interns from other groups within KPMG.


Outside of work, the intern community is very tight-knit. Frequently, we would meet for lunch in the PATH downtown, organize socials, and set practice dates for the annual frisbee tournament against the other Big Four accounting firms. Volunteer work has also been a defining component of my internship so far, and I am excited to continue that trend in the future.


I have just begun my second rotation in KPMG Enterprise's Audit group, and am excited to familiarize myself with the new team. My summer internship experience at KPMG has greatly exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait for what’s to come next.

Mary Chestak