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  • Date: 6/18/2013

The Life of a KPMG Summer Intern Series - Montreal 

My name is Richard Leblanc Jr. I am a student in management sciences at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). This summer, I was lucky enough to begin audit training at KPMG in Montreal. In the very first week everything is set up to make us feel at home in the company. When the training begins, the aim is of course to strengthen our knowledge of auditing, but in addition to that, there is a desire to truly encourage teamwork and a sense of belonging among the summer trainees.

As part of the KPMG Enterprise™ team, I was able to work on a number of year-end audits for a broad range of private companies. As a result, I had an opportunity to deal with different working methods for each of these companies, substantially enriching my understanding of business environments in Quebec and internationally.


The experience of summer trainee integration at KPMG in Montreal was unique in itself. There are numerous team building activities that definitely contribute to making us immediately feel at home in our new working environment. Whether at day-end frisbee practices, happy hour or official activities such as rafting or community service endeavours, mutual aid and friendships form quickly among the trainees and also with all our KPMG colleagues.


On the whole, it is certainly true that the working knowledge and methods I acquired during this experience could not have been equalled in any other way. This training experience at KPMG leads us to exceed our limits, learn new things on an hourly basis and of course have fun working in an exciting profession. These 12 weeks of training definitely laid down lasting foundations in terms of my knowledge and skills, which will be invaluable to me throughout my professional career at KPMG.


Richard Leblanc Jr.

Richard Leblanc Jr.