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  • Date: 7/12/2013

Life of a KPMG Summer Intern Series- Vancouver 

My name is Erika Dizon and I’m a summer intern from the Vancouver office. As an audit intern for the past six weeks, I’ve been able to interact with a diverse set of clients and learn about multiple industries throughout my time spent in the field. I’ve had the chance to work with private companies in the supermarket industry, agriculture industry, and the not-for-profit industry. During each audit engagement, I was able to learn about each client’s business and acquaint myself with their financial team. At first, there was a lot of information to take in with regards to audit procedures. However, my audit teams have been extremely supportive of my learning and I felt that I’ve grown immensely, both personally and professionally throughout my time spent in audit.

Aside from audit work, the summer internship has been full of excitement! Halfway into the internship we’ve created so many memories together as an intern group. We’ve spent time volunteering in the community, assisting with initiatives in the office, and organizing events among ourselves. A highlight of this internship would definitely be the National Boardroom Skills Challenge. Interns in each local KPMG office presented recommendations for a real-life case put forth by Free the Children, an organization sponsored by KPMG. This gave us an opportunity to put our creative and strategic thinking skills to work!


For the second half of the summer, I’ll have the opportunity to work in HR and experience what it’s like to prepare for the fall recruitment season. I can’t wait to experience the rest of my summer at KPMG!

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