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Executive Look 

An Executive Look at your future. Discover your potential.
Executive Look

At KPMG we want to attract the best and brightest young professionals, and we look for ways to demonstrate why KPMG is the right place for you to grow your career. We want to ensure that you understand the development and leadership opportunities available to you within KPMG, and how we can support your growth as a professional. At KPMG the career opportunities are limitless, and to give you an inside scoop we created Executive Look. 


Executive Look is an exclusive event hosted at our downtown Toronto office that connects today’s best and brightest student leaders to members of KPMG’s executive and management teams. It is available to top students nationally; and if selected, you will be introduced to our functions, the programs we offer, KPMG executives and you will get the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, team activities and roundtable discussions.


By participating in Executive Look you can cultivate relationships with top students from across Canada and with KPMG professionals. By immersing yourself in the event you will get an inside look at what a career with KPMG may hold, and find that it’s a great place for you to discover your potential.