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Networking Tips 

At KPMG we want you to find an organization that is best suited to you and helps you develop to your full potential. An important way to learn about your options for starting in the workforce is through networking. Networking is a way to meet and maintain contacts that may be helpful in growing your career, and often is done at professional and social events. Speaking to individuals who are currently with the firm or have had some contact with the firm provides valuable insight into the organization. It is a vital tool in today’s job market, yet it can also be intimidating to individuals entering the workforce.

Because networking can seem daunting, we want to help simplify the task by providing you with five useful tips:

  1. Create an Elevator Pitch
  • An elevator pitch is short description of yourself that you should use to explain who you are and what you are about professionally to a new acquaintance
  1. Have a Clear Understanding of What You Hope to Gain
  • When engaging in a networking situation, have a clear idea of what you are trying to learn from the individual. This will help you prepare questions, stories, and figure out who would be best to speak with.
  1. Ask Questions
  • Make sure to ask open-ended questions about your interests and potential career. This will help you learn about the profession and help you build a relationship with a new acquaintance
  1. Keep in Regular Contact With People You Meet
  • Once you have met a new acquaintance, you should collect their information and ensure to keep in regular contact with them, because you never know when they may be able to help you
  1. Say Thank you
  • An important part is thanking someone after they help you. This helps create and maintain positive relationships.