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A Day in the Life of an Audit Professional 

Your day with KPMG – are you ready?

9:00 a.m. You have been out of the office at a client site for the past three days, so your first order of business this morning is reviewing and responding to the emails that have come in.


10:15 a.m You log into Eureka!™, KPMG's audit software, and get to work on your client working papers. You like the fact that Eureka!™ automatically creates financial statements and makes the process more streamlined and simpler, allowing you to focus on more challenging client deliverables.

12:45 p.m Time to review email again, you find that one of your supervisors from an audit you worked really hard on last month has sent you a reward through the KPMG SHINE program. You take a minute to browse the award catalogue online and decide to redeem some of the points you've accumulated so far. How about an iPod docking station…or maybe a flying lesson…or a new putter…or…

1:15 p.m. Having just received the final numbers from the client, you have to finalize your portion of an audit assignment. You complete your work and take the time to review it before giving it to the senior in order to make sure that everything is completed as per the KPMG standard.

3:00 p.m. You have a meeting with your performance manager to talk about your progress and map out your goals for next year. She suggests some KPMG online learning programs you could take to fast track your advancement within the company. You appreciate the fact that KPMG promotes based on performance, and decide to further investigate what learning opportunities are available.

4:30 p.m. You receive a phone call from a manager regarding an inventory count that you've been scheduled on. You go onto to online learning site on KWorld and review a just-in-time learning module on how to perform an inventory count properly, what procedures need to be completed, and what areas require focus…