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KPMG Enterprise advisers offer valuable perspectives, ideas, and options to help business owners and entrepreneurs capitalize on opportunities and achieve their goals. KPMG Enterprise is focused exclusively on serving private companies. Our advisers are dedicated to understanding the concerns and issues these companies face every day and are passionate about providing service excellence to every client.

Career Path - KPMG Enterprise

    The Team


    Your team will be made up of KPMG Enterprise professionals at the top of their field who are dedicated to providing insightful, ethical, and entrepreneurial advice to clients - giving you an amazing opportunity to be mentored by some of the industry’s best and gain top-quality experience. You will report to a Manager on almost all engagements. On larger projects a Senior Manager will be present and ultimately all documents will be approved or reviewed by a KPMG Enterprise Partner. Each of our trusted business advisers has a performance manager focused on supporting you in your role, coaching you to develop your skills and assessing your progress.




    You will be responsible for bringing a deep understanding of your private company client’s business - allowing you to deliver the right advice at the right time. You will be expected to bring new ideas to the table, act quickly and responsively to client needs, and help deliver on our firm’s commitment to provide client service excellence. Your exact role will depend on the specific needs of your clients, but will include:


    • Extensive preparation and research into the business and client issues
    • Demonstrating a high level of professionalism when dealing with colleagues and clients
    • Exhibiting strategic thinking and creative problem solving capabilities
    • Organizing client files and preparing initial advice
    • Consultation and communication with clients’ senior management and auditors
    • Interpreting complex financial information
    • Managing project budgets, logistics, accountabilities, deadlines


    Our firm’s success depends on the quality of our teams. We focus on providing our people with the right resources and opportunities to develop as well-rounded professionals and trusted advisers to our clients.


    The KPMG Enterprise career path typically has five stages:


    • Staff Accountant
    • Senior Accountant
    • Manager
    • Senior Manager
    • Partner/Associate Partner


    Marketable Skills


    In all areas of our business, KPMG looks for people who bring a blend of experiences and talent to the table. The following skills are key to your success in KPMG Enterprise:


    • Interpersonal skills
    • Academic/learning skills: Learning new things quickly and thoroughly, and being willing to learn continuously
    • Time management skills
    • Teamwork/collaboration skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Flexibility/adaptability