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Direct to Tax 

Our Direct-to-Tax Program is an exciting option for candidates who wish to obtain their professional designation while pursuing a long-term career in the field of tax. Similar to our Audit program, it takes approximately 3 years to complete and allows a candidate to qualify for their professional  designation through obtaining prescribed chargeable hour requirements that enable the development of required competencies.


Why choose this program?


Starting directly in the tax function is ideal for the candidate who wants to pursue a long term career in Tax without the requirement to formally rotate through Audit and obtain the traditional chargeable hour requirements. If you want to focus on tax issues, KPMG's Tax function is fast moving and intellectually demanding, providing a range of services covering key tax areas of interest to today's global companies.

Career Path - Direct-to-Tax

A career in our Tax practice offers you challenging work and professional development. KPMG offers a full range of business and personal Tax services. Whether your fit is in our domestic tax services, global tax services or private company tax services, at KPMG you will help us grow our practice and our reputation. In Tax, we believe in a value proposition built on forward thinking, maintaining a global mindset, and adding value by listening to and delivering client service excellence.


The Team


Your team will be made up of KPMG people at the top of their profession - giving you an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s best and gain top-quality experience. Each of our Tax professionals has a performance manager focused on supporting you in your role–coaching you to develop your skills and assessing your progress. You’ll have a variety of interesting challenges ahead of you, and we help you each step of the way by:

  • Encouraging you to gain experience in various tax areas of concentration, with plenty of flexibility to move into the areas of the profession that are right for you
  • Providing you with opportunities to develop your skills through technical training as you progress to new levels in your career
  • Offering transfer opportunities within Canada and around the world to help you build your knowledge, experience and professional network




At KPMG, we empower you to set challenging goals and we’re committed to providing you with the tools, resources and support throughout your career to help you reach them. Our firm’s success is based on the talents and abilities of our team, and our focus is on providing you with the best opportunities to learn and develop across the organization.


In Tax, a typical career path is as follows:

  • Technician
  • Specialist (transfers in from Audit typically enter at this level)
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Associate Partner
  • Partner


Marketable Skills


While each person brings their own individual talents and strengths to the Tax practice, there are universal qualities that KPMG looks for in a tax professional. The following skills are key to success in Tax:

  • Academic/learning skills: Learning new things quickly and thoroughly, and being willing to learn continuously
  • Time management skills
  • Research and analytical skills: Ability to identify taxation issues, obtain and evaluate all information and research appropriate legislation/documents
  • Teamwork/collaboration, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility/adaptability


KPMG offers the Direct-to-Tax program in select offices, which is a great option for candidates who would like to obtain their a professional designation while pursuing a long-term career in the field of tax.