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Direct to Audit 

The majority of incoming candidates at KPMG will participate in our traditional Audit program, with its proven success rates in developing highly competent, in-demand professionals. The program is approximately 3 years in length and requires candidates to spend the majority of their time within the Audit function. The traditional chargeable hour requirements of this program provide candidates the experience required to practice public accounting in the future.

Why choose this program?


Starting as a professional in KPMG's Audit practice provides you with the opportunities to grow your career in a fast-paced environment. You will develop your analytical skills and knowledge while helping today's leading companies understand and meet evolving financial reporting standards and regulations. Candidates in our traditional Audit training program continue to be eligible to join the Tax or Advisory functions after completing their practical training - all of which makes KPMG's Audit function the first step in a broad range of career opportunities.


The Tax/Audit and Advisory/Audit Rotational Training Programs

Certain offices across KPMG have also chosen to train candidates in one of our Rotational Programs. Two streams of this program exist and include our Tax/Audit Rotational Stream and Advisory/Audit Rotational Stream.


The programs include on average 7 rotations between the two functions over a 3 year period. Over the 3 years, a minimum of 12 months must be spent in the Audit function during which time the candidate must obtain the traditional assurance-related chargeable hours needed for qualification and licensure.


Why choose one of these programs?


These programs are designed to optimally expose candidates to different working methods, tools and client environments, and are intended for students who know that they want to pursue a long term career in Tax or Advisory, but who also want to maintain their eligibility for licensure and enjoy the unique insights and broad business perspective that can be gained through obtaining audit experience at KPMG.


For additional information on the two streams of the rotational program, please contact a member of our recruitment team.