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Direct to Advisory 

Our Direct-to-Advisory Program is an exciting option for candidates who wish to obtain their professional designation while pursuing a long-term career in the field of Advisory, in particular our Risk and Compliance practice area. Similar to our Audit program it takes approximately 3 years to complete and allows a candidate to qualify for their professional designation through obtaining prescribed chargeable hour requirements that enable the development of required competencies.


This program is offered in select offices; please contact your local recruiting team to find out if it is offered at your local office. For additional information on this program and its requirements, please contact a member of our recruitment team.


Why choose this program?


Going directly into the Advisory practice is ideal for the candidate who wants to pursue a long term career in Advisory without the requirement to formally rotate through Audit and obtain the traditional hour requirements. If you want to grow your career in Advisory, this program will offer you the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge you will need to help clients achieve their business goals.

Career Path - Direct-to-Advisory

KPMG Advisory will offer you variety, and your precise role will depend on your area of focus (for instance, growth, governance or performance services), yet, no matter where you work in the Advisory Practice you will experience professional development and do challenging work. KPMG’s Advisory practice offers limitless career opportunities for those looking to gain experience on a broad range of projects.


The Team


Our project teams are typically made up of KPMG professionals from different fields. This diversity of skills and experience can create amazing opportunities to be mentored by senior colleagues and some of the industry’s top talents.


At first, you will report to a Manager (someone with 2–3 years’ of Advisory experience), who will work closely with you to support your learning and success. On larger projects, you will interact with various Managers, Senior Managers, and even KPMG Partners.




Our firm’s success depends on the quality of our teams. We are committed to providing our people with the right resources and opportunities to develop as well-rounded professionals and trusted advisers to our clients.


The KPMG Advisory career path has six stages:


  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Partner/Associate Partner


Marketable Skills


In all areas of our business, KPMG looks for people who bring a blend of academic or technical abilities and softer skills, such as relationship building and coaching.


As a new hire, we would look to you to:


  • Exhibit a positive attitude, enthusiasm and strong work ethic
  • Build and maintain strong personal networks that support your client work, team work, and new business opportunities
  • Embrace diversity and different ways of thinking
  • Effectively analyze problems and suggest solutions
  • Actively pursue advanced/specialty designations (CFA, CBV, etc.) and embrace firm-wide learning culture


KPMG offers the Direct-to-Advisory program in select offices, providing candidates the option to train directly in the Advisory function. This is a great option for candidates who would like to obtain a professional designation while pursuing a long-term career in the field of Advisory.