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The KPMG CPA Training and Mentorship Program 

KPMG's Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) national training program prepares our candidates to be a part of a long tradition of success as they obtain their professional designation.

Our CPA training program is one of the most in-depth support programs in the industry, providing candidates with a sense of community as they embark on the accreditation process. In this program, we provide access to an extensive Peer Support network, in addition to module and CFE workshops, technical materials, practice exams, and more.


At KPMG you'll have access to:

  • Common Final Exam (CFE) Boot Camp - A four day session allowing candidates to begin to prepare for the CFE with coaching by some of the best and brightest in the industry.
  • Practice exams written by CFE gurus and marked by KPMG professionals, providing detailed feedback.
  • KPMG Study Schedule outlining how to structure Capstone 2 deliverables and self-study.
  • An extensive Peer Support community, including a dedicated CPA Program Manager and Coach for each candidate who provides mentorship throughout the process.
  • Interactive workshops hosted by past writers, to help candidates learn tips and tricks for exam writing.


"Looking back on the past year with KPMG, it's really the whole package from start to finish." We were really able to see what the next year would look like, and it was great to set that expectation upfront. The people of KPMG are so supportive. We have such a great culture of supporting the writers as they go through the process. Whether it's setting us up with a study schedule, connecting us with mentors, or marking opportunities of different cases - the fact that from start to finish KPMG holds your hand through-out the process, is very beneficial."


  • Balpreet Singh - 2014 UFE National Honour Roll


We're proud of our 212 successful CFE candidates. Click here for more information: