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At KPMG we are committed to helping you develop to your full potential, and we do our best to help you prepare for success on the UFE and in your career. We invest in your development because we know that the stronger you are as an individual, the stronger we are as a firm. The CA guidelines allow us the flexibility to offer customized training programs, while still conveying the skills, knowledge, and aptitude that make our people among the best in their field.

Becoming a CA is a three part process involving: professional education, practical experience, and participation in the KPMG UFE prep program. At KPMG we are committed to supporting you throughout the qualification process by providing the necessary tools for you to succeed. To learn more about how we help you obtain your CA, click on the links below.


Professional Education: This is the initial step in becoming a CA. Learn more about the role education plays in helping you become a CA.


Practical Experience: Learn more about how we will support you in obtaining your experience requirements.


KPMG UFE prep program: KPMG offers one of the best UFE Finalist training programs in Canada, designed to get you through the process. Learn more about our UFE Finalist Training Program.


CMA/CGA: KPMG also supports candidates wishing to obtain the CGA or CMA designations. Learn more about our CMA/CGA support and program.

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