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UFE Prep Program 

To help you on your path to achieving your career goals, KPMG offers their employees one of the best Uniform Evaluation (UFE) training programs in Canada. We ensure that our program is aligned with all new developments to help you get through the process successfully. The quality of our program is reflected through the strong results of our people.

We want you to set challenging goals for yourself and we’re committed to providing you with the support you need to reach them. This is why we offer one of the best UFE training programs in the country. While the program will differ somewhat depending on what provincial/regional program you are registered under, the following are some of the key factors that help make KPMG’s national and local UFE training a competitive advantage for our people and a point of pride for KPMG employees:


National UFE Training Program


KPMG's National UFE Training Program is led by a National UFE Program Team which is dedicated to helping ensure that KPMG's program meets the needs of the KPMG candidates.


National Practice Evaluations

  • Four practice evaluations (two comprehensive and two multi-competency evaluations)
  • Professional marking with feedback provided by experienced exam markers from across the country
  • Debriefings by Densmore Consulting and/or recent successful UFE writers in the local office


KPMG’s UFE Study Book

  • Excellent resource tool that assists in understanding the competency-based UFE
  • Technical summaries for each competency area to promote the efficient use of study time


KPMG’s UFE Mentor Program

  • Personalized attention from a recent successful UFE writer
  • Encouragement, support, and direction from someone who has been through the process
  • Assistance with marking and debriefing practice exams


Compensation and Incentives


KPMG people receive a competitive number of paid and unpaid study days provided throughout the UFE process. Other compensation and incentives include:


  • KPMG pays all exam fees in advance for first-time writers
  • KPMG pays all student fees, initiation fees (upon qualification) and annual CA dues
  • KPMG's Incentive Program provides bonuses for exceptional exam results
  • KPMG's national marking policy encourages and supports employees to become Provincial exam and UFE markers, leading to knowledgeable in-house staff
  • CA candidates receive a $2,000 accreditation award upon passing the UFE


Open Door Policy


KPMG has an open-door policy. If you have any questions you need answered or require help at any point throughout the study process, there is always a team member available to help you out. The best people to ask are those who are a year ahead of you. They will have recently completed the process, and will understand all the questions you may have regarding your professional exams.