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There has never been a better time to be part of KPMG's Tax team. For professionals who can see beyond borders and deliver long-lasting value, the opportunities in tax are limitless. You can be part of our team and help us grow our practice and our reputation.


And what do you get in return? A place to build your network, enhance your skills and unleash your potential.

When we say the opportunities are limitless, we mean it. In our practice we have people who have been recognized as tax gurus, alumni who have developed into Directors of tax, and alumni who have leveraged what they have learned at KPMG to excel as leadership in Finance positions. The skills you gain can help you stand out no matter what path you choose. 


Want to see firsthand what is means to be part of KPMG’s Tax team? Check out the testimonials from current and past tax team members.




Penny Woolford, KPMG Tax Partner and Guru

Kevin Duxbury, KPMG Tax Senior Manager Welcomed Back

Tony Scozzafava, Capital Power VP Taxation and KPMG Alumni

For Penny, recognition in the tax community has also involved senior level involvement with external tax organizations, such as the Canadian Tax Foundation, the International Fiscal Association and the Joint Committee of the CICA/CBCA. However, being a “guru” also requires the ability to build solid relationships with colleagues. “As part of KPMG’s Tax practice, I work with a group of very talented and bright people across the GTA and nationally. You can’t work in a vacuum—you need to be able to share ideas and work in teams to maximize the collective knowledge of many smart individuals,” Penny states.

After starting my tax career at KPMG, I left to see what it would be like in a different environment. Things really crystallized for me when I was offered a more senior role and I realized that I wanted to develop in my career with people I trust and with a firm that invests in its people. For me that place was KPMG. I came to understand that KPMG would provide the best platform for my career because of KPMG's collaborative culture, focus on excellence, and willingness to invest in their employees.

“At KPMG, I learned about creating value. Because of the type of work I did, my clients needed help in a variety of areas. What they appreciated and sought out most was the value-added services that would help them create wealth and grow their business. I was able to create meaningful relations with clients and learn about what was important to them so over time they came to see me as their trusted advisor. This has continually helped me in my career,” says Tony. “Many people don’t have the opportunity to work with the owners of a business and get an inside look – I was fortunate enough to have that experience at KPMG.”

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