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Making it Personal 

As one of the leading professional services firms in Canada, KPMG believes in the power of business and our people to drive social change.
Making it Personal

Community Leader is about just that -- channelling our collective experience, skills and energy to build strong and sustainable communities.


As part of their role at KPMG, our people are active citizens who leverage their experience to support organizations and causes that make an impact. We are supporting the overall success of our people, including their professional and personal fulfilment.


For Community Leader, success is measured by the impact each one of us has when we are fully engaged.


2015 Community Leader Award Recipients


Our Community Leader Awards celebrate the deep connection people at KPMG have with their communities. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2015 Awards. These recipients-who were chosen by a panel of their peers-demonstrated their purpose and passion for volunteering and are making a positive impact.


National Recipients


  • Nigel Hole - Vancouver
  • Kathy Hedin - Calgary
  • Kaitlin Simaan - Toronto
  • Catherine Gosselin - Montreal
  • Nikki Smailes - Kamloops
  • Dawn Lagesten - St. Catharines


Regional Recipients



  • Mark Bennett
  • Christine Stitchman
  • Eileen Svensrud
  • Ivy Wan
  • Jodi Moss
  • Linda Treiberg


  • Michael Hoffman
  • Raj Devadas
  • Raymond Li
  • Roni Kirkness
  • Stephanie Ruste


  • Claire Eagle
  • Matthew Boulos
  • Blair Cameron
  • Samuel Karamanis
  • Natalie Festa
  • Rohan Sharma
  • Lisa Milligan
  • Daniel Ferman
  • David Mahr
  • Susanne Gossage
  • Stacey Norton


  • Erik Bergeron
  • Ludovic Farand
  • Lydia Levesque


Regions West

  • Amanda Riley - Lethbridge
  • Brian Harker - Edmonton
  • Jamie Schram - Kelowna
  • Karl Hendrickson - Lethbridge
  • Matt Younger - Winnipeg
  • Chris Calder - Prince George

Regions East

  • Paul Ciapanna - Hamilton
  • Janice Connors - St. John's
  • Richard Tam - Kingston
  • Eric Langford - Moncton
  • Andrew Brown - North Bay
  • Patricia Desjardins - Sault Ste. Marie

Community Update

Leading the way in social innovation
KPMG is proud to work with social entrepreneurs and innovators across Canada.

KPMG travels with FTC and Me to We
KPMG people and their families experience sustainable development in Kenya and India.

Sustainability at KPMG
Sustainability is a key part of our Community Leader strategy.

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KPMG's Imapct