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Community Leader — It’s part of the job 

At KPMG, participation in the community is part of the job. We are passionate about strengthening our relationships with our communities and recognize that our opportunity to have a positive impact extends beyond our client work. 


Community Leader — It’s part of the job

Community Leader is part of our business strategy and performance management process. It provides the mandate, the opportunities and the support for how we will contribute to the success of our communities as an organization and as individuals.  By leveraging our personal experience we strive to affect social change. 


We believe that for our communities to thrive, every one of our people must take an active role. By integrating the Community Leader strategy into our annual goal setting process, we hold each and every one of our people accountable for their participation in the program.


We want to help build stronger, more successful communities - this is at the core of our business strategy and drives what we do every day.  KPMG is a firm that cares and a firm that makes a difference.

Community Update

Leading the way in social innovation
KPMG is proud to work with social entrepreneurs and innovators across Canada.

KPMG travels with FTC and Me to We
KPMG people and their families experience sustainable development in Kenya and India.

Sustainability at KPMG
Sustainability is a key part of our Community Leader strategy.

KPMG's Imapct
KPMG's Imapct