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  • Industry: Financial Services, Banking & Finance
  • Type: Publication series
  • Date: 4/18/2012

The Social Banker: Social media lessons from banking insiders 

The widespread consumer adoption of social media is hard to ignore. Already, one in ten of the world’s population has a Facebook account and almost 500 million people log onto YouTube each month. But while most business sectors have already made significant gains by adopting social media, retail banks seem to be lagging behind. Few have taken even tentative steps into the social media environment and even less have initiated formal programs.

In this report, KPMG recruited some of the world’s leading authorities on social media and banking to tell us how they are overcoming the challenges they face.


Based on a series of exclusive articles and insights from both retail banking executives and KPMG professionals, this report explores a range of complex challenges facing banking leaders such as:


  • The management of risk
  • The need to integrate IT
  • The creation of a social culture
  • The engagement of executives and their boards
  • The demands of data
  • The challenge of compliance
  • The drive to create a single view of the banking customer.

The Social Banker Series

With one in ten of the world’s population already on Facebook retail banks are waking up to the potential impact of social media. Each week a new article will be posted offering a unique view into some of the challenges banking executives face.

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